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RE: <3 michael ian black

This morning I woke up and found that the coronation street dvd burned perfectly fine and that all of the complaining from last night was just silliness - but then, I suspect you have come to expect such a thing from me, being a person who is still considering moving to los angeles but would like to weigh all of the evidence before coming to some sort of an ultimate decision that would be made based on factors such as presence of a converting rabbi, a good strong jewish community, and culture to be had as well as friends - but who doesn't want friends, particularly the sort that don't mind extremely long first sentences of the month.

I should make that my entire post for today - just that post.

At the Disney Store today, besides misplacing my Disney Store Credit, I was made to think that perhaps I should be living a lot closer to LA - as then I would have the beautiful thing that is disney land right there.

Elizabeth and I saw Rent today again and I cried at the end. I'm just a sensitive sort, I guess.
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