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weird! saw a stolen police car.

At the time we didn't realize it but then we saw a news report on KING 5 News and Elizabeth got to thinking we saw a police car that had been stolen. I wrote an e-mail to the news team.

My girlfriend and I were driving home from Albertson's
on Mercer Island and happened to spot a police car
driving erratically off the West Seattle Bridge. We
were confused by this - why would he be driving so
strangely? After seeing your report I think it was
the stolen police car.

Hopefully he will be caught soon.

They wrote back as follows:

Thank you for writing.
We're pretty sure you DID see the stolen patrol car.
Police caught the suspect just before our 11pm Newscast, and we
updated that information.

Thanks again.

Pretty spiffy for an otherwise uneventful day - other than thinking I had lost the last two days of work. That would have been quite horrendous.
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