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March Proposal?

So I was talking to Sandra last night on the phone, and she let it known that if all was well and I still hadn't proposed to her sometime in March.... she was going to do it. Propose. I guess my telling her about one person on the PVP forum who proposed to her boyfriend might have been an inspiration. But that was after dating for five years.

Granted, we of the Observant Jewish faith don't date that long. Less than a year. Heck I was thinking sometime around June if things were going well. But I was also thinking to play it by ear so to speak.

She tells me that the only way to avoid being proposed to is by "beating her to the punch" so to speak.

Things are going well, though. She acknowledged the whole back and forth thing. Her way of expressing her uncertainty in the relationship. Alas, it has been said that the only time she will stop with the uncertainty will be when she knows we would be good together. And that would be shortly before she would propose. So there is a window of time before her thinking we're definitely good and proposal.

Of course, I would also have to think that we're definitely good to propose. Or to accept a proposal.

In news unrelated to Sandra, I have spent the day looking through the Writer's Market and have come up with some ideas for magazines to send stories to. How many, if any, would accept is an entirely different matter.

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