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Did I really forget that today was Threadless Monday?

I must have because it wasn't until I saw the community post in LJ did I remember that it was Monday, and new shirts came out today - and reprints of course.

I have precisely two favourites right now - perhaps a second look tomorrow will make me like it better. :)

Threadless.com Product - Technology Ruins Nature

This to me is just funny. Looking at it makes me giggle. Also, being the owner of many teddy bears helps.

Threadless.com Product - Neopolitan Bonaparte

You can just imagine Napoleon with the ice cream named after him. :)

I'm so worried about the strike. It seems like it's really happening. How are we going to get around tomorrow? Maybe we'll just have to stick to the midtown area.

Oh - completely unrelated note - I saw a few Amitabh ads on the way to NY today, ads at the train station for getting satellite TV.
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