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rebates : SEND them in even if late

A while ago Elizabeth and I bought a hard drive for her friend Jennifer, who gave us the money for it - minus the money I would be getting back from the rebate. Elizabeth's brother was to install the hard drive. A series of events took place that caused me to one day realize that I still hadn't sent in the rebate form and it was a day or two after the deadline. This has happened to me before and I have angrily thrown out the form and all other such information. That day I instead decided to mail it in as if it weren't past the deadline already. My thought? The worst thing that will happen is that I will have lost an envelope worth less than half a pence and a stamp, of which I have too many.

TODAY in the mail I was surprised when I found the rebate check. THEY SENT IT TO ME even though I sent in my form past deadline. They sent it in the form of a postcard which makes me wonder if people ever get such checks stolen. It wouldn't be too hard.

The lesson here for you is send it in! Even if it's late, send it in! You may get that rebate yet!

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