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loving goobie, loving goo (bie bear) - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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loving goobie, loving goo (bie bear)
WELL you can probably tell from the title that Elizabeth, Brandon, Allison, and I all went out to see Mamma Mia! tonight at the wintergarden theatre tonight. I KID! I wish we had been at the wintergarden. Rather, we went to the Paramount theatre, the same place where Elizabeth and I had sat a few floors lower to see Trey Anastasio. Great fun was had by all there, and we really enjoyed the music of Abba.

Did I mention that I found the music from La Madrastra? I should have mentioned that.

Back to Abba. The music was all spectacular, as was the story. All of the songs fit in quite well with the storyline and I was laughing at several points during the show. As it turns out, Brandon knew the person at the bar and so somehow there was Maker's Mark on the rocks served up. I therefore apologize for any typographical errors that might find themselves into this here journal entry. I know you hate the word BLOG melissa so in honour of you I will most studiously avoid it. I suppose I'm not too keen on it myself, being fond of the word journal instead.

After that we all went to the Corner Inn where we all took a turn singing an ABBA song. My ABBA song was Waterloo. I was high pitch throughout, because I belive that if you sing Waterloo you should sound somewhat like the song and not like a depressed buffalo.

Hoping all is well in the journal-land. :)

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feeling: : cheerful ta-hee-hee
la musique: : dancing queen (in my head anyhow)

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gordond From: gordond Date: le 12 décembre 2005 23:58 (UTC) (Lien)
I was hoping you'd like it. :)
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