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I love the wikipedia

I love looking things up in the wikipedia whenever I'm confused about something.

I also love this beautiful thing called bit torrent. I don't live in England so what's the best way to get coronation street? Through a uk torrent site. I'm going to burn a dvd with all of the november episodes. :) It would be nice if I had a dvd player that could play them but alas it has to be done through the computer.

Shabbos was interesting. I had ramen noodles for dinner, of all things. Not just any sort of ramen noodle - ramen noodle prepared hot water from an urn. I have a special shabbos way of preparing it. To make it even better I added safeway brand (oud oddly) mushroom soup. Some of you may find this gross but let me assure you that if you like either seperately it's quite nice together.

Animal Crossing Watch: Still no sign of a shovel. :(
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