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Bradley Walsh

Before I delve into the wonder that is Bradley Walsh I'd like to touch upon two of my favourite words of recent times.

Ought and Nought - polar opposites, and so fun to use in this language we call English.

Is there ought that can be done here? You can do nought. It's all for nought.

I particularly am amused by how it is pronounced on Coronation Street. Coronation Street being the program that Bradley Walsh is an actor - quite funny, he is. It's interesting to see the relationship that he has with the character of Mike Baldwin.

Things are going quite well in Animal Crossing - I opened up my town for a few hours today and shared some fruit. People came by and gave me some fruit but I have no shovel yet so I can't bury it to grow fruit trees.

Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 I can't properly use Flash at all. That means that I use Threadless on Internet Explorer.

SPEAKING OF THREADLESS - Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the sale. USE THIS LINK if you want to get shirts for $10 - and if you use coupon code DL923835 you get $2 off. $8 for an awesome shirt that would otherwise be $15? Yeah, that is good.
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