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things that scare me

A lot of things I have seen on this page here: lj images. What's really scary is that people really post these things in their journal. Some of them are quite, quite graphic.

What's not at all scary: the $10 sale continues at threadless, that lovely place where I have gotten a few too many shirts. Click on the link, buy a shirt, and help me buy some more. It's only $10 a shirt now and there will be about 4 new shirts tomorrow and four reprints - hopefully the robot derby girl shirt so allison can get it. :)

Today - let's see. Lots of singing. The neighbor came to say we were singing too loudly last night and could we please keep it down after midnight? I apologized profusely and assured him we wouldn't be loud again, honest. I had no idea how close his bedroom was to our living room. Wall to wall, it seems. He was very friendly about it.

Sold five bears on e-bay today - two of them went for about $15, quite a dissapointment.

Oh! We (Allison, Elizabeth, and myself) went to a diner tonight. The temptation for a cigarette was great. I haven't smoked in so long but being a diner made me think of days gone by with Matt in New Jersey.
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