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thanks! for giving.

Thanksgiving lunch went a lot better than I was thinking it would. I was afraid that with all of the people that were there, something was bound to go wrong. Well, lesson well learned number one: I need more serving utensils for meat. Large serving utensils, to be exact, which are used to scoop out food and put them on a plate. Otherwise, chatz-ve-shalom, dairy utensils may accidentally be used. Or perhaps non-kosher cakes will be brought into the house and eaten on a paper plate and a lovely new meat utensil. :( Fortunately, the cake was cold.

We saw Rent again tonight, and I loved it even more the second time. I really noticed the character of Mark Cohen's gesticulation being more like that of a stage actor and not so much like that of a film actor. I think this is because he is so used to playing the character on the stage. There are certain physical mannerisms that a person takes on when acting and singing on stage that are more pronounced than in film - because the person is not blown up and on a screen.

I am a dog. When you yell at me it makes me think you want me to avoid traffic or something.

Oh, and it was quite awesome to see Brandon wearing the threadless shirt I got him.
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