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'twas erev Shabbos and all though the flat

...nobody could find a single solitary cat.

Well, things are going well. I'd like to believe so. I'm happy with how things are going with Sandra, but we are absolutely going to take our time about this. Any advice people have been giving me all relates to the common theme : don't rush into things.

So we're not rushing. We're dating right now. Trying to get a feel if things are well enough between us that it could lead to... well, that. The stomping of the glass, as it were.

My friend Christopher helped me out with my resume and cover letter. They both look a lot better now. He also recommended me for a position at the New York Law School, which I hope I get. It would relieve my money concerns. Let me concentrate more on learning and writing.

A git Shabbos to all and to all who didn't understand the first part of this sentence, have a lovely weekend. Oh... side note : I'm going to Cleveland to visit Sandra for New Year's. Wowsers.

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