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trapped in the closet and not paying rent

Well you know what we saw tonight - Rent, that is. You know the only thing that is appropriate after watching Rent, right? Of course - Trapped in the Closet. Which is unlike Rent in that it's the same song all the way through. There really is no day like today.

We're going to be seeing Rent again on Thursday night.

I really was moved by the film. I almost cried a few times - I'm almost sure if I hadn't seen the play twice I would have. It really made me happy to have seen that, and to do something, to make something. Hmm.

Originally it was just going to be Elizabeth and I seeing the film but then at some point Allison called me and I asked if she wanted to go.

On a totally unrelated note, one of my threadless orders came in - the one I used my street points for. It involves my pet human, spaghetti western, goldie, and summer. All great shirts. All $10. All of their shirts that are currently available can be found here. Yeah, I'm a threadless pimp, I guess.
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