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A pre-recorded message from Limited Too just called, reminding me that this weekend is the last chance to use the 20% off coupon I recieved, and that I should think of what I would want to get 'her'. Her, whom? I'm the one that shops there and I am not a her, last time I checked.

This reminds me of when I had been subscribed to Martha Stewart Living for a couple of years and then, all of a sudden, started getting offers for subscriptions to Advocate and Out. Clearly, the fact that I read MSL means that I also enjoy MEN.

neverboy can I look forward to seeing you on Sunday? That would make me a happy lad.

Big night tonight. We have take-out from Nosh Away and then tomorrow there is an Ice Cream Cake from Ben & Jerry's to look forward to. It has "Happy Bearthday Goobielizabeth" written on it.

OH! In addition to all shirts being $10 at threadless, there is a $2 coupon I just found. The coupon code is: DL923835. I found this through lovely applegeeks. I guess they must love threadless like I do. :)

On an entirely different note last night at karaoke we ran into Lindsay, a girl I worked with a couple of times when I was at the Starbucks on Alki Beach. She told me she could draw so I pitched a few of my t-shirt ideas at her. I can't help but wondering if she is Jewish because of her last name. Well, I have found out long ago that a person's last name doesn't necessarily indicate being Jewish - despite the fun game I have devised over the years to watch film / television credits to spot the jewish looking names.

SHABBOS TIME! Actually first it's check deposit time. I like that time of the week.
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