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why do i never update on time. - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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why do i never update on time.
I ought to be more diligent in updating at least when significant things happen. Something of some interest usually manages to happen every day, but then again it could be just the way I perceive life.

The highlight of the day was playtesting at Microsoft. I can't say any more due to signing a non-disclosure agreement but it was something. I came away with a token of their thanks.

There was some grocery shopping tonight - 1/5 of the tab came from ribs. Three pounds of ribs, to be exact. Almost as fun as the 10 boxes of kosher mac & cheese for $10.

This morning I found a Robot Derby Girl on sale at Threadless - in a men's medium. When I checked last night everything was sold out - and Allison was disappointed. Suddenly, they had it in stock - there wasn't even enough to show a bit of blue on the stock chart. I was quite happy to be able to get it for her as reprints don't come that often and sometimes they don't come at all.

Work is going fairly well. I have to see about doing the web site for the handyman.

We finally watched the Gilmore Girls from last night. I'm quite thrilled with the results of the episode - and a little surprised.

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