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well, look at that.

Another week come and gone and I am catching up with work now. Quite a pleasant feeling.

I'm feeling a little down and I realize it could be because I didn't use my sunlight-lamp at all in the last couple of days. Strange how a little light from a lamp can put you in a good mood.

I got the shirt from White Frog today and it looks and feels awesome. I'd love to be a small t-shirt maker. I realize I won't get rich doing it but it would be nice to bring smiles to people the way this shirt brought a smile to my face.

It seems one of our heaters is completely shot. The repairman will be replacing it next week. When I told him I work from home and do web design he said he might considering hiring me because of my flexible scaled fee rate.
Tags: shabbos, sleepy, t-shirts

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