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happy birthday surelle

well when you read this in your time zone it ought to be.

Coronation Street has been very serious lately. I have been downloading the October episodes from this year as quickly as I can in the event that come August we are no longer in Seattle. I figured that if I get all the episodes we'll have months and months to watch on the computer and eventually we'll be faster caught up than CBC. Particularly since we won't have CBC if we leave Seattle. Hmm.

One of my favourite episodes of Friends is on. The one where Joey gets the two part Visa bill with stores like I Love Lucite. Also the 'crazy' roommate won't leave Chandler alone.

I have no idea how to get padding in just one part of a table. Take a look at levanacooks.com - see how the text in the main cell is flush against the side of the table? Well I'd like the text not to be flush against the table. I'd like a good amount of space to be there.
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