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thank you! thank you to someone!

first of all thank you to someone who used my threadless link to get a shirt! I got street credit! If you ever want to get a threadless shirt please do use the links I have on my journal as I get a tiny little store credit for it. I picked up a few threadless shirts inexpensively on ebay. None of them belonged to Shania Twain.

on an entirely different note - I GOT MY LICENSE TODAY! I'm so excited to have this license now. It's a pretty good photo of me too.

Work is going well, I just need to learn how to program in php.

As today is Diwali, the wonderful people at Pabla Indian Cuisine gave me some extra sweets. They were the ones that Noreen talked about at one point. I didn't realize the foil was edible! It's a good thing I didn't try to take it off first. Tee hee.

I'm quite excited - not only did we get Star Wars Episode III on DVD but I found a used N64 and all three Mario Party games for it for a really great price. Unfortunately the reset button seems to be stuck and it doesn't always turn on properly. :( On the plus side, the DVD came with a patch. Good thing how I interspersed that.

On an entirely different note if you like anything i have written check out this article i wrote about Pyramid Ales and Lagers
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