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feel free to take your clothes off

unless you'd rather keep them on. I think that's the message of the song. rather, i think that's the opposite of the message of the song.

What did I do today? That's right, I worked and beat Gauntlet Dark Legacy. I'm looking forward to having Allison over so we can play the game ensemble. It's a lot more fun to play with multiple people.

I'm working on an article for Go Inside Magazine about Pyramid beer. I'm thinking of reviewing the different beers that I have had from them. On the other hand I'm not very good at reviewing beers. Honestly I have enjoyed all of their beers. I think I have enjoyed the Snowcap ale the most so far, and then after that would have to be the Oktoberfest Hefeweizen at the pub itself.

I found a really awesome online shirt store I would like my store (should it come to be) to be like - White Frog T-Shirts. It's quite awesome. Imagine something like that but called Giraffe Two-Step. I was introduced to Royal Apparel today. It's like American Apparel but without all of the sexual misconduct allegations. On the other hand since I want to go through a printer like Brunetto I might not have much of a choice in the matter.


I still need my designs done and what not. Perhaps I should offer cash money to threadless artists.
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