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I'm planning on dressing you up in my love - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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I'm planning on dressing you up in my love
That is the plan at the present moment. Any objections?

I realized that when I was a young child I had freaky freezies gloves. Either that or some generic knockoff of them, if they existed. Whatever was being sold at TJ Maxx, that's pretty much what we were wearing. Not that I'm complaining - they always had some really cool stuff at TJ. When I was young and my grandmother on my mother's side was still on olam hazeh she used to say 'tj mack' - but then she'd say 'big max' for referring to one sandwich.

Watching all of these episodes of I Love the Eighties has made me a bit nostalgic for when I was alive in the eighties. When I was younger I couldn't wait to be where I am now... and now that I'm here I wish that I could go back to being there. Things being so much simpler, and not realizing that there were certain foods I couldn't eat, and certain days on which I wouldn't be able to do certain things.

Not that I don't love being a frum jew - but there are certain times when I wish that, for example, comic conventions were spread out over more than just a friday, saturday, and sunday. Or Sakuracon, even.

I don't want to sound so whingy. I'm wearing my ah munna eat choo! shirt which I gave a copy of to my brother. He loved it.

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