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coronation street on dvd

Coronation street on DVD would be excellent. However, Coronation street on video tape would be great should we move out of Seattle. I wonder if anyone who lives in Canada on my friends list would be up to taping it for us? I know it would be a big undertaking but I'm just a bit hooked on the show. :/

I'm rather enjoying I love the 80's 3D.

Work is starting to go well again now that I have a reasonable amount. I sort of gave up the goat with the Rabbi's site because what he had was all in php and I know php like the back of somebody else's hand. He said if I can remake the site not in php that could be okay as well. I'll have to see.

He actually provided the funny quotation of the day. I asked him if he was married to a certain image on his site. He laughed and said, he was quite divorced from it, in fact!
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