gordond (gordond) wrote,

thoughts on yom tov

That was the most non-yom tov feeling yom tov ever. This was possibly because I was trying to rest up to good health. I think I can say that now, thank G-d, I am feeling better. It's strange how almost every year I miss either parshas Bereishis or parshas Noach. This year it will be Bereishis but not Noach. Oh well. I have Ramban's commentary on it which is nearly 200 pages long. Ho boy.

I have been getting up pretty late this yom tov and taking naps in the afternoon.

I was not one to watch Rocky films. When I was a kid I was all about watching nothing but strictly comedy films. I wasn't interested in watching anything remotely serious or dramatic. Now I'm very much the opposite. Films like Interiors interest me while straight-out comedies don't always grab my attention - and it's a good thing I have friends who can bring my attention to them.

I hope I don't mess up this jewish web site assignment. I want to have long term business contracts with multiple people so that I will start to have steady business. I really need to start learning more things like how to program in php and the like. How to use mysql.
Tags: creativity, films, obscure references, religion, sukkos, working, yom tov

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