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'nice boobies'???

I never thought I'd see a t-shirt called 'nice boobies'. Apparently one exists now.

Threadless.com Product - Nice boobies

Yom tov is upon us now once again - for the last time in what will be a long while. It was quite interesting having all these yamim tovim (I'm thinking that's the correct plural) in one month. It was a bit rough on the work and getting sick didn't help at all but I will catch up b'ezras Hashem and all will be well.

Now we're not sure if we're going to visit LA or New York. I'm kind of hoping to visit LA because I want to see what the community is there and if it would be reasonable to live there.

There was just an advert on the telly about SUVs and how everyone deserves one. No, one should not deserve to consume gasoline excessively and take up too much space.

and let's face it, if you were to want to build a viking ship, wouldn't you want instructions like these?

Threadless.com Product - Vikings are just Swedish Pirates
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