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i need to write here more often.

"Why is the sea cold? Why is it blue? Why do I stay here? Why is it you?" Pertinent questions from Phish's new album Round Room, I guess because I'm in such a period of transition. I keep changing my resume in hopes that I will find work. I want to be learning a lot more than I am right now, by which I mean barely at all. I want things to be more stable. A job would definitely help.

My mom offered to pay to have my things shipped back but they're being hard to find now. Go figure. Only about 180 or so dvds and a lot of really important books. Thanks a lot.

Well at least this music is really nice. And things seem to be going well with Sandra, although I wish she would not think so negatively about her own appearance. Granted, I'm not sure what she looks like.... but I'm fairly sure I will find her attractive. Here's me, being weird again I guess.

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