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new ps2 controller

Well after a lovely two day yom tov during which I met a rabbi who bore a striking resemblance to Adam Levine, we went out to target to pick up a few things and ended up picking up a good number of things.

I just decided to break in the seattle mariners card and got the 12 club membership at threadless. At the very least I can sell the shirts I don't like on e-bay.

I hope to be working tomorrow. At the very least I should be doing something for the Levana Cooks web site. I didn't charge too much initially hoping to keep her as a long term customer - perhaps with more on the way if she suggests my services to others.

I can't believe Gilmore Girls. It seems it's cliffhanger after cliffhanger.

For everyone who is enjoying sukkos - how has it been?
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