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so shabbos was... mildly restful. i think i'm going to get a little bit more sleep tonight somehow. i spent a lot of time worrying about stupid money issues just because i'm starting to think maybe i should get a 'real' job and stop thinking i can make it on my own with my own company. but i really want to do giraffe two-step.

but here's the thing. i've mentioned giraffe two-step here a few times and very few people have offered any feedback.

i want every single person who reads this to please offer some kind of feedback. the idea is a t-shirt company ala snorg or defunker but it would be shirts that i design, and it would be called giraffe two step. i want to make shirts that make people smile or giggle even. is the market oversaturated already with web sites that peddle shirts? am i too late? can i come up with enough innovative designs to get people interested?

are you interested?

the two shirts i have in mind right now are the giraffe two-step (imagine a dance instruction chart for a giraffe learning to do the two-step) and then there's the heart measuring tape - because how else do you measure love? :)

i hate to admit it but tractate eruvin is not all that interesting. :(
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