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there have been no fatalities

so far it has been a quiet pleasant visit from my mother and stepfather although their luggage is still MIA. My mother and stepfather came safely well from Arizona, a stopover from Philadelphia. We all went to Target, with a quick stop at Schuck's for disappointment in lack of part that we needed.

We went to Target for looking at filter replacements for the vacuum cleaner that Elizabeth's mother loaned us until we could get one of our own. We came home with this.

Yep, I'm a big dork, and I love my Dyson. That's not the best photo in the world - sorry. It never stops sucking. I can't believe how much dirt was in the carpets. I don't think any vacuum cleaner would have gotten that stuff out of there. Cleaning it up was quite easy.

We watched an episode of Coronation Street after my fourth cousin Sharona came over with a friend of hers. Everyone was talking in Hebrew so I didn't understand a thing. Alas.
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