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george carlin is not low-larious

I was quite pleased with Shabbos. I read Eruvin daf 3 like so many others in the world. So good to be in synch with daf yomi.

Elizabeth and I went to JC Penney after shabbos ended. I found sets of tough plastic dishware, suitable for up to 12 people - the whole thing was less than thirty dollars for dishes, bowls, and cups, and less than thirty dollars for flatware.

I had a coupon for Limited Too and so I picked up a few plushies. Then I took advantage of the buy 4 get one free sale at Walden Books. Lastly, I found George Carlin's recorded standup routine from shortly after 9/11. He's quite funny.

Do I really have nothing significant to say? Now I feel sad.

One of these days I will finish that novel.

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