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new shirts on threadless? you don't say.

Yes, it's all true. There really are new shirts on threadless. I'm getting the feeling I post too much about this web site but it's just very intriguing to me.

Mary Poppins fans should like this shirt:

Threadless.com Product - Para Poppins

I'm a big fan of VW bugs - something about the simplicity of the machines. In a way it's almost funny that it's being powered 'by flower' because of how relatively simple it is to make biodiesel fuel from vegetable oil including - i imagine - flower oil. :P

Threadless.com Product - Flower Power

This shirt is beautiful to me in a tricky machine clockwork orange sort of way.

Threadless.com Product - SUBterrain (Make a Wish)

Next post which will be the last of 5765 will be a nice happy rosh hashana / shana tova entry and not a silly t-shirt entry. :)
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