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robot derby girl is awesome

This shirt is quite possibly one of the coolest I have ever seen. It, like every other shirt on threadless, is only $10 right now. I implore you to buy something now lest you be kicking yourself later and say, why didn't Gordon tell us sooner? Well I'm telling you now that it's good until Monday Morning and every order gets a #2 pencil. Who doesn't want one of those bad boys?

Since they are selling through all of their shirts so quickly you might as well look here to see what is presently in stock.

Shabbos was great. Would have been nice to have a meal at the rabbi's but had to settle for delicious buffalo cholent. Buffalo cholent... in the heart of the admiral district.

It is very likely that next thursday i'm going to be at karaoke. So everyone - do you want to be there too? Let me know.
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