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this actually was a surprise. - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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this actually was a surprise.
So yesterday I was talking to Sandra (the girl I've been talking to from Cleveland who seems fairly nice and - why haven't I mentioned her yet in here? probably because I'm hesitant about these long distance things especially since I don't know exactly what she looks like and we've never met and how should I know if we'll actually get along in person etc.)... she asked about my mother with her boyfriend, and if they were going to get married, etc.

I told her that I imagined that they would get married, or maybe not, I wasn't so sure. So then this morning my mother came into my room and showed me her new engagement ring. She got engaged last night. Pretty wild.

Okay. Me next. But she had better be right for me.

On a side note : I've been watching episodes of Chobits lately and I have one question. Is this supposed to be for the typical CLAMP audience? The guy talks about surfing the web for porn, and there's a whole episode about buying panties and the perception of him as hentai. Uhm, yeah, that's what I'd want my kids to watch. Right.

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la musique: : seat of my pants - moe. - 9/14/95

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