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this time is a bissel of a lie

I should have gotten home before midnight so I should be updating before midnight but I didn't and i have some strange fascination with filling up this calendar of updates since next month is going to be full of yom tovs so here goes.

I was just at the Corner Inn where I sang the song Chariot. That went swimmingly well and I dedicated the song to Aaron and Lindsay and last but foremost in my attention (similar to the shabbos which was last in mention but first in design) my bizaby.

Brandon's roommate Koichi okayed the concept if not the entire notion of giraffe two step so that's a great thing. Perhaps in the next few months you're going to be able to have your very own giraffe two step t-shirt. I'm going back and forth on the idea of having a fifty-shirt issued limited promotion shirt which would go out entirely free one per state to every single state of the fifty that exist in the united states of america. I'm not missing any states am I?

I found out today that Lindsay, a regular at the Corner Inn which of course is where we used to go to Karaoke all the time and we went tonight is also going and doing the medical administration thing that Elizabeth is doing.

Oh! And last but not least I got the two photos of me wearing the shirts up at threadless. I'm not sure if they're going to be up there soon so here they are now. don't i just look like a dork?

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