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so bad! - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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so bad!
I've been pretty bad updating lately. Let's see - I've been talking to this really nice girl from Ohio who is a phd student. I'm going to meet her because she's going to a wedding in NJ or what not. Hopefully that will be at least somewhat keen.

The job hunt continues. Worry not. I will find something. I refuse to get Microsoft certified, tho. I don't want to work as a Microsoft network engineer doing like 70 hours a week. Blah.

Tomorrow I go to my mother's house for Thanksgiving. Much fun. The meal is on Thursday but I go home early so I can get some sleep or something. Yay, NJ. I get to show my brother the Gamecube. That will be fun. Maybe I'll finally catch up on nanowrimo.
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