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it's time for biz-ed.

and by that i mean bed. And so naturally now is the time for the fish to be checking out the water filter. I can't help but wonder why exactly Yash (that's the fish's name) feels the need to check it out.

Two shirts from Threadless came today in the mail. I'm going to put them both on tomorrow so I can get my gallery shots in (and therefore $1.50 per photo of myself wearing said shirts) but perhaps I should wait until I'm in a more interesting environment, or I get my hair cut. either way I should post here with photos.

Went to IKEA and got some frames for the little dee comics and a heart shaped pillow for katrina efforts. I had to get some extra shelves for the bookcases to fit the extra dvds that came from NJ today. I also got a few of my old Phish tapes back. I hope to go to the DMV tomorrow and get my license.

Seriously, tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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