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getting schooled is fun

even in mario party. Yep, Elizabeth sure kicked my butt.

The Killers were on the episode of The O.C. that I saw today, thus confirming perhaps why I like the show in the first place. I do not like it for reasons related to annoying any human being on this planet as I do not invest my time into hurting people like that. Gee bee.

Saw the premiere of supernatural - not on yahoo. Was quite a bit scared by it. I wouldn't think they would show such a show on the WB - graphicwise. Then again they were the network with Buffy and that had some pretty gruesome stuff sometimes.

Went to target to get a plunger and ended up getting a bit more than that. Not that much. Some halloween candy because although halloween is a very un-jewish holiday it is good to keep relations well with those who choose to celebrate it. Of course, kosher candy, just in case yiddim come to the door.

And then there was work. Oh - CORONATION STREET was HILARIOUS! Fred, Tyrone, and Martin all thinking they're the best man. If you're English and you know it, don't give me any spoilers. That means you, Jen.
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