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I just got my ass handed to me playing rummy. It was my first time playing. Therefore, Amanda took my rummy virginity.

Amanda told me she could draw. This made me quite pleased. I have a number of ideas for t-shirts and I want to have a site, more like defunker than tshirts that suck, and Amanda could be the person to help make it happen.

I'd like to use brunetto to make the shirts and to test it out make them by pre-order only. What do you think? If there would be a certain number of pre-orders I could make a few more on top of the ones ordered I guess.

One of the shirt ideas I have involves amitabh bachchan. Another one involves abhishek.

I have a few Coronation Street ideas.

The site would be called, tentatively, Giraffe Two-Step. Any thoughts? The url would be giraffetwostep.com .
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