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the interest meme: with my explanations.

Here are one out of seven interests of mine along with what each of these things means to me and what my interest in them is.

ah! megami sama: This was the first piece of anime that interested me. I think it was my former roommate Ultann that introduced me to it. I'm a bit overly romantic so this extremely romantic storyline appealed to me. I'm quite looking forward to getting the new series on dvd.

back to the future: One of my favourite films of all time. To some extent it has something to do with me wondering sometimes about changing certain things from my past and the consequences of changing those things. For example, I have a strong memory of thinking Microsoft was going to be a big company in 1985 or so... but I could be inserting the memory...

books: I love reading books and don't do it often enough. I am working on a novel. You can see the first 17 chapters from my profile here.

clamp: group of women that make manga that I enjoy reading, including cardcaptor sakura and chobits. you can see more about them on the wikipedia or if you can read japanese, here

cups of tea: before I was crazy about coffee (like karan johar) I drank nothing but tea, of many varieties. (no pun intended.) I had a few tea pots and used to invite people over for tea. I'm hopefully getting a teapot from whittard of chelsea via my friend yitzchack.

flaming lips: definitely one of my favourite bands. I have known about them for years but decided to take the plunge when yoshimi vs. the pink robots was on sale and it has gone on since then.

games: card games, board games, i just love to play games. Of course this encompasses video games as well but I had to list that seperately because most of the games I play are video games.

harry potter: I started reading this when I noticed one of the students in my communication class was reading it in 2000. I ordered the first book from half.com and it has gone on since then. When I got the fifth book I read only one chapter a day and I have been using a much slower method with the sixth book. I hope to have it finished by the time the last book comes out. :P

indie films: I've noticed a lot of my film interests are not big blockbuster hollywood films but smaller films like, believe it or not, annie hall. (not widely recognized as independant due to major studio backing but actually is if you carefully look at it. :P )

kyan douglas: handsome lad that knows about hair. he'd probably tell me to shave with a razor and I'd have to tell him about the prohibition on it and then he wouldn't like me any more since he'd think i was a religious nut.

martha stewart: in 1997 I think I lost my mind for a period of time. I was seeing a therapist and I somewhat decided that I needed order in my life and the symbol of order as far as I could tell was martha stewart. I have tried a few of her recipes to some success.

neopets: I started playing this three years ago because i like the idea of virtual pets. they don't break any apartment laws. it's one of the most fun sites out there.

penny arcade: quite possibly one of my favourite comics. I started reading this about five years ago. I get a lot of video game advice from these lads.

ranma 1/2: written and drawn by rumiko takahashi - you can see her in one of my icons. another great romantic story with lots of comedy mixed in, which isn't at all a bad thing.

sergei rachmaninoff: around 1997 i discovered the third piano concerto and fell in love with his piano stylings.

squaresoft: makers of final fantasy series. I had the first final fantasy on my nintendo and was sad when they stopped nintendo game making. hopefully they'll start making the final fantasy series on the nintendo's game systems. of the non-portable variety.

the sims: I got into the sims long after it came out due to being a cheap sort. however i do enjoy being in control.

video games: see games above.

willy wonka: I think I enjoy this film so much because of the whole 'living out your fantasies' theme it seems to have to it. enjoyed the film with gene wilder and the remake this year.

zines: have i mentioned i like to write? and read...
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