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sad anniversary

Today as you surely know marked a sad anniversary. Quite sad indeed.

On the other hand elizabeth and i have been dating for a year and a half. We went to the buffet at Pabla India Cuisine. After that it was the mall to be disappointed by a selling out of neopets plushies, but a lack of selling out of manga at waldenbooks. I can't believe they have megatokyo for advertising. I'm a bit jealous but it at the same time inspires me to want to finish this novel and maybe collaborate with a friend of mine to do a comic. All drama of course. Dramedy that is.

We saw Salaam Namasthe. I should go and read jessica's review now.

There's only one thing that has consistently made me laugh recently. It's... Angela... Mona... Jonatan... Samanta... that and seeing the film today :)

Scary sad Degrassi on.
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