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time for shabbos
I'm so far behind in daf yomi that I've devised a plan. I'm doing the actual daf for the day which is the beginning of a new chapter, and I will do a minimum of one daf per day. That is my minimum requirement. After that is all catch up. I've got plenty of cathing up to do in shabbos and a little bit of the tail end of berachos. It's funny how similar the words berachos and bechoros are.

Looking forward to a relaxing enjoyable shabbos. I might even see my mother for yom kippur since the rabbi is having services here.

On a totally unrelated note I had a great conversation with my father on the phone today.

I will post the results of that last meme I posted after shabbos.

I can't believe the season premiere of the gilmore girls is so soon. I also can't believe I missed the season premiere of the o.c. Oh well. I will tape it so that when I am done with season two, which should be some time this month, I can then actually watch it. How dorky of me. Meanwhile, Allison has been coming over to watch Eva as if it were on TV every tuesday night.

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jfemp88 From: jfemp88 Date: le 10 septembre 2005 19:16 (UTC) (Lien)
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