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hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens.
hands up *clap* *clap* hands down
slight variation on the interest meme
Here are one out of seven interests of mine.

The challenge is to you, my friends list, to write what you think each of these things means to me and what my interest in them is. Post it as a comment without reading the comments first.

Again, don't read other comments first. Just write what you think is the reason I have it on my friends list and its significance to me.

ah! megami sama
back to the future
cups of tea
flaming lips
harry potter
indie films
kyan douglas
martha stewart
penny arcade
ranma 1/2
sergei rachmaninoff
the sims
video games
willy wonka

feeling: : creative creative

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From: apelila58 Date: le 09 septembre 2005 04:49 (UTC) (Lien)
ah! megami sama? -no idea, is that an anime or something you like?
back to the future? -its a movie, i'm guessing you like michael j. fox lol or the three movies itself, do you own the 3 dvd pack? :)
books- you enjoy reading when you find the time
clamp? -for nipples? lol j/k!!! sorry that was the first thing that came to mind, ha
cups of tea- thought it'd be coffee? lol nothing like a good book with a cup of tea?
flaming lips? -that a music group or something?
games- you like video games, but then i just saw that listed at the bottom, eh do you like monopoly?
harry potter- you love the books as much as me :)
indie films- i know you've always enjoyed these, you usually mention one from time to time that you go to with liz
kyan douglas- is that the queer eye guy you met and took pics with?
martha stewart- you like her, even though she went to prison :) haha or am i wrong
neopets-the common thing that we had/how you found me. we are on the same neopet community, and aahh we are just true neopians.
penny arcade-you enjoy it who doesn't, it's 1cent to play, lol
ranma 1/2- hilarious anime, i'm a fan of the panda man
sergei something-no idea? is he an author?
squaresoft? again no idea
the sims-aahahh such a fun game, guessing you enjoy the building and interior designing or that could just be me, lol
video games- you enjoy mario party or whatever? and you write about videogames sometimes and make me want to play them
willy wonka- you are a fan of the original and the remake, and like wonka bars? lol
zines- you work for an online one (so i've always thought) and you should write for one, or you maybe even like reading em too

---how bad did i do?
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