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metroid prime? - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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metroid prime?
I'm thinking of selling a couple of playstation games that I never play because, well, I don't have a playstation anymore along with a couple of gameboy advance games that I don't play anymore and therefore being much more able to afford metroid prime. OR... should I just wait until Zelda comes out and get that instead? But by then I'll have a job (no, really, I will or I will be homeless) and so I'd be able to theoretically afford it anyhow just by, you know, working.

I got an e-mail from someone at NYU saying there are a bunch of positions open and that I should apply and e-mail her the id codes and she'd pass on my resume. I'm hoping to get anything remotely serious through that. That would be great - I could possibly take courses then as well.

New York living is just as it ever was - except that my room is really messy now, as opposed to before when it was only a semi-mess. That too shall change.

Oh! And I beat Mario Sunshine. Holy mother of elephant, I never thought I'd beat the Eely Mouth Dentist level, or a few of the "secret" levels. I just suddenly got really good at the secret levels, or I figured out the secret - don't turn the game off after you die twice, keep trying until you get it. Well, first make sure you have plenty of lives. 1-ups are given out like candy on Halloween in the game, and I don't mean Animal-Crossing style. Although there, they transform candy into jack-in-the-boxes if you don't give it up, which are worth much more than candy. So on Halloween, walk around with lots of worthless stuff (or things that are found in the junk) and have people transform them. There you have it.

I should eat something. Crackers with tofu cheese for breakfast isn't quite enough when it's already three in the afternoon. Criminy. And time to get back to NANOWRIMO. I'm a bit behind. I must catch up!
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