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t-shirt hell

I should have known better than to go to a web site called t-shirt hell. I was expecting funny t-shirts, not the bloody harry potter spoiler. Not only was it there, it was right there on the front page, really big so you couldn't miss it. What kind of person would wear a shirt that spoils a book for other people?

So far this year I have managed to get this and a gilmore girls spoiler. Not too bad for spoilers this year.

I make my own soy milk now, but the blending part of the process always frightens me. I just jumped out of my chair, probably about an inch. When I used to work at this small computer store in Trenton, I would jump every time one of my coworker's beeper went off - she had it on vibrate but she kept it on the desk so it was very loud - counterproductive?

Big happy birthday to slvrraven! Check out this for a smiling birthday face.
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