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get the door. it's the kosher pizza deal. you pay a lot and get a lot (of grease)

dear kosher pizza market in new york,

please, send one of your places to seattle. i'd take one pizza cave and only, say, two kosher indian places over no kosher pizza and over four kosher indian places. okay there is the jcc on mercer island but I don't think they know how to consistently make pizza. that and the hours are about as good as being slapped with whitefish.

in other news, please relate the following to your dear friend Dougie's: come to Seattle. As much as I love only getting really fleishig on the rebbitzin's cholent and Shabbos meals I could go for some real Dougie's.

It was a delight having Monica over however she sadly had to go earlier than anticipated. Therefore we didn't get to see the rest of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Maybe we'll have her and Allison over at the same time and show them both the second half. It's only the second half where you get to try to figure out what "Soniya" means. Elizabeth is my Soniya.

Haley Joel Osmont is on the telly and he is neither seeing dead people, nor suffering from a lack of blinking. He is appreciating Krispy Kreme.
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