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it was allison's turn to leave a message.... - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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it was allison's turn to leave a message....
or so she thought. This journal entry is dedicated to Allison. Allison, who apparently has a name twin in Rhode Island.

Allison, Elizabeth, and I went to Gameworks tonight, where we played many a video game - for the most part it was beating House of the Dead II. After that Allison and I played a little bit of Gauntlet II. We tried out this horse racing game which was just a bit on the difficult side - I came in dead last place. I have to figure out how to get better at that game.

Lastly, we got stickers made at the sticker machine. I love sticker machines. This one came out quite well. Allison and I gave the dorky 'japanese tourist' hand gesture which seems to permeate so many photographs of japanese tourists.

I bet tomorrow I will read so much daf that i will be breathing daf by the time Shabbos is over. That will be the case for the next three shabboses. However that is not enough. I need to start actually doing a daf a day after I catch up. Heck, that's the point of the program.

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