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So things are going fairly well with work right now. There's no shortage of things to be done. Moreover, I might have some work coming to me from Koichi.

I can't wait to get my dvds back from my mother in NJ. Then you can all see what our full dvd collection looks like.

We went to Ikea and Costco and picked up a few things - the lamp we got at Ikea was missing part of the assemblage. That was pretty peculiar.

I decided that I should work out before I shower. Unfortunately today I didn't shower. Therefore, I am stinky and more out of shape.

On an entirely different note, my August column for Go Inside Magazine is up and can be found here

On an even more entirely different note, Coronation street (from the CBC showing) has been quite interesting. I realize that it's nearly a year old but hopefully they'll catch up and then I won't really need CBC. Meanwhile I should call directv and see if they have it.
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