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So very nice to have the day off work, so naturally I get up early anyhow. Not as early as I normally would get up, but pretty early nevertheless.

So, Julia arrived this last Wednesday, and how things have progressed so well thusfar! I thought it was a nice sign that the day she arrived, the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings also arrived. Yesterday was the fast of the 17th of Tammuz - I almost did the whole thing well, with the exception of a few malt balls and crackers at work. A rabbi from the synagogue where I pray, when I called, said it was okay since I really wasn't feeling well.

Then, last night, we broke the fast in my apartment (newly organized by my friend Yitzchak) - we being myself, my roommate Stanley, Yitzchak, Julia, and her mother Kate. A lovely meal we had. I tried out the phrase that Julia's 'surrogate sister' had e-mailed me, which came from Julia's mother for usage of when I would be wanting to get the ring (for later use of course). Before I walked them to their hotel, Kate managed to deliver the goods, so to speak - a stuffed kangaroo with a jewelry box in its pouch. A lovely ring it is, indeed.

Today I'm going to be spending the day with Julia. So many wonderfully fun things to do - a Japanese bookstore to go to, the Sanrio store, a few other things.... and cooking for tonight, of course. That ought to be loads of fun - Julia and I both love to cook. Well, it's about time, isn't it? A few too many cooking haters in my life. So very 'sophisticated' and 'modern' to dislike cooking, isn't it? Rubbish.

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