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if you don't know the words to queer as folk
then you are like the majority of humanity.

if you didn't read today's daf
then you are just like me.

if you were trying to figure out when the earliest time for putting on tefillin was because you inexplicably woke up at 5:30am with a masssive headache then we have something else in common.

if, when buying ginger, you think of gilligan's island, we have something in common.

if you are trying to get in good shape then we have something in common.

if you're about to play the disneyland board game then we have something in common.

if you love coronation street raise your hand. i wonder if cbc will ever catch up with the british series. october 2004 is what is being shown on cbc...
Tags: coronation street, daf yomi, disneyland, exhausted, food, television, thom boy

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