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must like dogs

You must like dogs to like this movie. I'm kidding. You can just like good romantic films.

What's up, daf yomi? The way that the siyum guide talks about it, I feel really bad for being so far behind. It's just that it's a touch on the dull side right now but I skimmed a little ahead and it looks like it is starting to get good etc. I'll be honest. Right now I'm on daf 83a. The topic for a little too long imho has been avodah zarah and tumah and the status vis-a-vis the avodah zarah being carried by others or by you. Yes, you. It's going to be delving more about that which is tamei and tahor for at least few more dafs - and then: yay! seed mixing. I shall enjoy catching up. Really.

elizabeth and i had pabla today. it was quite yummy. they know us so well that i don't even have to tell them what elizabeth wants. aloo mattar done aloo gobhi style. how do you like those peas and potatoes?
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