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Elizabeth helped me move some things today. That was fun. That could be why I'm working right now.

This has been the year for belated birthday wishes. Both of my best friends wished me a belated happy birthday. My best friend Matt asked me if I wanted anything from my amazon wish list and I realized how out of date it was. I have since modified it quite a bit.

I sampled the green tea frappucino and while it tastes nothing like green tea proper it wasn't all that bad. A nice dessert beverage.

Also, yesterday morning I woke up and since I was waiting for a phone call managed to fill out almost all of the postcards and put a couple into envelopes - you will know who you are when you get them because the postage is greater and there will be an enevelope with a postcard and other things inside instead of just a postcard. I sent out absolutely everything today except for a miss allison lizotte because i will hand deliver that bad bear.
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