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“Well, today was our last full day at Disneyland. And to celebrate our last full Disneyland day, we went ahead and picked up souvenirs for a lot of the people that we were going to buy souvenirs for. Oddly enough, um, they had key chains that said "Kathy," and they had key chains that said "Katie," but they had no key chains that said "Kate" on them. So, for you who is named "Kate," and I know you know you you are, cause it's your name, I'm sorry, but, um, they didn't have your name. And that made me very sad because I was hoping to surprise you with a key chain with your name on it. But, no luck. Anywho, I got a shirt for myself, and a shirt for Elizabeth, and a shirt for Elizabeth's mother, and a couple other small things. And lots of free stuff, you know, napkins , that kind of stuff. I loooooooooooove free stuff, sugar packets ... actually, when I went to Disneyworld for the 25th anniversary, I spent less than $100 all together. On food and souvenirs and everything. And I did pretty well for myself. But, of course, I also one time ate someone's french fries after they were done with them. Any, yeah, let's not even go into my adventures into making barbecue sauce and saltine cracker sandwiches. haha, Elizabeth said "eww" cause she doesn't like the concept of free food. I'm kidding, she just doesn't like honey mustard, barbecue sauce saltine cracker sandwiches. Anyway, we went on a lot of rides. Unfortunately, we were unable to ride on one of the rides that we wanted to in California.”

Transcribed by: verymad_affair

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