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Ah, Mr. Journal type person, how things have changed since last I wrote in you. Last I wrote in you being the time right around when I was going to Romania. Things are much different, needless to say, as you can probably tell by the fact that you are nice and typed up as opposed to being written in some silly little book which can be easily lost. Also, I type much faster than I write by hand.

Things have changed ever so much from when I last wrote in you. I have been in Rutgers now for almost a month now, and am quite happy with how it is going. Classes were hard to get into, but I fiinally got into them. I am in the following classes :

Introduction to Data Structures using Java, Expository Writing II, Introduction to Communication, and Introduction to Human Evolution.

You're probably wondering, "that's it? That's all?" I assure you, it was exceedin"gly difficult to get into those courses. It was no cup of tea. Especially the Communication course. For that one, I had to beg my way in, so to speak.

Data Structures is a rather complicated course. It is not as hard as it was in Spring of 1997, when we were dealing with the C language, which is much more of an annoyance than Java could ever hope to be. Still, I am having a hard time with the programming assignments, which don't seem easier than they were last year. That's okay, though. I am going to get the hang of it, and unlike then, I am actually attending all of the classes now. I am going to get an A in that class.

Expos II is just as fun as it was the first time around. I will get something between a B and an A.
Intro to Communication is an extremely wonderful course, the teacher being this fellow named Dr. Mark Frank. In this course, I hope to get a huge whopping A. With great effort, I shall get that A. I sit next to this girl named Catherine in this course, who is an incredibly good friend. By this I mean that she has a boyfriend whom she lives with, and we have a lot in common.
Just the other day (I believe it was the 23rd of September) we went to a museum exhibit together. For some strange reason, she absolutely loves to say my name. It is quite unusual, wouldn't you say? I certainly would. Anyhow, during this visit, I found out that Catherine has a collection of 16mm film prints, including the first episode of The Green Hornet to have Bruce Lee in it. I was thoroughly impressed by someone having this.
Along the lines of a 16mm projector, she also has a 16mm camera. I proposed that we film a movie, and she said that it was a great idea. Here is a list of characters that I came up with:

Leroy Jones, his girlfriend, his mistress, Kofi Birdridge, Darryl O' Haha, Dr. Felix Twickson, Sandy, Ellen Mellon, Rowan Owan, Patricia Louicia, Harry Tyler Moore. There you go. All of those named are named like that for a reason. For example, Leroy's girlfriend and mistress don't have names because they are not important to him. To Leroy, his girlfriend is more of an object than a person. Fascinating, isn't it?

My brother gave me the book "No Boundary" by Ken Wilbur today. Very nice of him. I ordered the book for him a few weeks ago through my online Amazon.com association, which means that I'm going to get some of that money back in the next couple of months.

Speaking of money, I finally got that job at The Disney Store that I've been trying to get for the last three years. God knows that it has been worth the wait. It has to be one of the best jobs I have ever had in my entire life. I absolutely love it. I didn't tell my parents about it at first because I didn't want them to get mad at me, but eventually Matt called and the bomb came down, but that is all right. I was hoping that they would eventually find out, and this was a perfect opportunity for them to find out.

I have somehow found that I have a bit of a talent towards baking, specifically making bread. I found this out the other day when I made bread for my family for the Sabbath. Very fun it was making the bread, and it came out very good, that bread which I made. Ah yes.

Uhm…I finally have some good pictures of Kara. I put them up in a frame which is sitting very neatly on my desk. My desk, that is, in my new room, which is in this new house, which is at fifty two Briarwood Court, which by the way I love a whole lot. Yeah.

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